Connecting to a ClearNode with RepeaterPhone

ClearNode Configuration

  1. Navigate to the “AllStar Setup” screen from the “Node Details” screen
  2. Make note of AllStar “Node Number”
  3. In the “AllStar Identity” section enter your preferred password in the “dvswitch/zoiper Password” field. Remember this password, you’ll need it below. We’ll call this an “IAX Password”
  4. Tap “Save” in the top right corner – send the configuration and wait for the node to reboot

Find your ClearNode IP address

  1. Navigate to the “Node Details” screen
  2. Make note of the “LAN IP Address”
  3. Optionally make note of the “WAN IP Address”

RepeaterPhone Setup

  1. First, make sure that you have added an AllStar account
    1. If you haven’t added an AllStar account yet,
    2. Go into Settings and tap “New Account” -> AllStarLink
    3. Enter your username and password. This is the username and password that you would use to log in to
    4. Click “Add Account”
  2. On the Favorites tab, tap the “+” button
  3. Choose your AllStarLink account
  4. Enter the AllStar Node Number for your ClearNode
  5. For Name, I would recommend using the callsign your ClearNode uses
  6. Change Authentication to “Node”
  7. Enter dvswitch for the Username. At some point, perhaps there will be username for RepeaterPhone, but, for now, DVSwitch Mobile is the most similar app.
  8. Enter the “IAX Password” you chose above
  9. Enter the “LAN IP Address” of your ClearNode that you noted above
  10. You only need to enter the Port number if you changed it from something other than the default
  11. Click “Add Node”
  12. An entry for your ClearNode should now show up in your favorites